Weather: Colombia is located near the Equator & enjoys mild climate year around! Medellin average temperatures are in the 80's/26 Celsius in the day & at night 70's/20 Celsius. There is no humidity, no mosquito's & no hurricanes in Medellin. 

Medellin Women: Colombia has always been known for beautiful women but for some reason Medellin has the most concentration of beautiful women of any city in Latin America.

Population: Medellin is the 2nd largest city in Colombia with over 3 million people

Things to Do:  

Bike Riding/Roller Blading/Water Park: Juan Pablo II Park

Horseback Riding and/or Zipline: Santa Eleana  538-0871, 538-0279

El Penol Rock & Guatape Lake 1.5  hrs. by taxi/bus is one of the most beautiful lakes in Colombia. Hotels, boat/jet ski  rentals, sailing, water skiing & mountain bike rentals avail. 

Paintball:  Radical Paintball in Envigado 316-251-6132. 
                  Extreme Paintball in Las Palmas - 311-648-7157, 300-310-1640


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Airport: 45 min's outside Medellin. All airport fares are fixed approx. COP$70.000/US$35

Taxi's: Airport Taxis are yellow or white and are located outside baggage claim. As long as you take in front of baggage claim you will not have any problems. As a safety precaution in any country do not take rides from people that come up to you in the airport. 

Exchange Rate: US$1.00 = Approx. $2.000 pesos. The easiest way to remember is to disregard the the last 3 zero's & divide by 2 ($10,000 pesos = US$5)

Exchanging $: There are ATM's in the airport & throughout Medellin. It is always a good idea to exchange some $ at your airport before you leave. Citibank ATM's are in all malls & allows the highest daily withdrawal of COP$2.000.000/US$1,000 

Passport/Visa: Only a valid Passport needed for most visitors. Visitors are automatically granted 90-day tourist visa at airport. Additional 90-day extensions available at D.A.S. or can apply for 1 year student visa or leave country every 90 days & re-enter with automatic new 90 day tourist visa with each visit. - MedellinApartments.Net
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